4" x 7"





Fashioned after the game Monopoly, there are several cars moving on the game board.  (We can show motion with a blur if preferred)  Each spot on the board is a city, auction or other relevant location.  The “viewer/player” of the ad has just drawn the “CHANCE” card, telling him to move 22 cars…The graphic on the card show the character in doubt.  However, the game board shows Centraldispatch.com is the solution.

In this instance the quarter-page ad size works best.

Please note: the game graphics must be redrawn to avoid copyright infringement.




2" x 14"
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Using several cars to establish volume of cars shipped, each car details the shipped/received locations and transportation destination time.  A Porsche graphic is used in various color iterations for a clean car pattern.

This ad works well in both sizes.






2" x 14"
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A volume of cars on the page supports the headline of 4,000 cars.  Mid-level text placement makes a dramatic statement.  Version 3b and 3c draws the viewer into the story behind moving so many cars.

Ad 3A works well in the quarter-page size and 2-column.  With the call-out bubbles in version 3b and 3c the ad works best in quarter-page size.














The car takes us on a journey to its final destination.  Just one of 4,000 individual stories tied to each of the cars transported.  It puts into perspective the magnitude of moving so many cars considering they all have a unique story and potentially multiple destinations.

This ad works well in the 2-column size.  It can be resized well to fit any shape.







this is the car graphic