rAthe App re-design

    I was brought in to redesign (UX-UI) the rĀthe App which had been substantially built out from a back-end perspective, but tested poorly in user testing.  My task was to complete redesign (UX-UI-VX) in 2 weeks and to keep desired functionality intact so development could meet an incredibly tight deadline. IA was redeveloped, screens were created and a prototype was built, first in Axure then XD. Internal testing and through teaching seminars the prototype proved effective in UX-UI and the launch date was met.

    rĀthe is a revolutionary electronic publishing platform designed to package, market, and distribute short stories, novellas, and novels to mobile app users in bite-sized increments called Episodes. Writers publish their content for free and earn an equitable share of the revenue. While enjoying a one-stop shop to manage their business activities right here from the rĀthe™ website portal.