App re-design for Seniors

    The request was to redesign the current SDCCU Mobile Banking App for an aging population. The following screens show the original/current App screens along with the redesigned screen for Seniors.

    My research indicated that as adults age, health problems and challenges inevitably arise, often making it difficult for them to interact with certain features on smartphone apps.
    These health issues fall in three categories: vision, hearing, and spatial coordination.
    Making accommodations for these changes in an aging community that uses smart phones can be helped by keying up on a these design parameters.

    - Increase the Contrast Between Text & Background
    - Label Icons to Avoid Miscommunication
    - Format Fonts, Icons & Interactive Elements with the Senior User In Mind
    - Avoid Complex Navigational Elements
    - Cues, Noises & Reminders

    Read a 3 page App screen visual audit.